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How To Make Money Online

Make Money Online


This blog details how I currently make money online.

If you are like me, you have probably looked at ways to make some extra cash online, and found so many scams and get rich quick schemes.

All the information I will share on this site will be open and honest information, using methods I have previously used or still do so to generate an online income.


Like many others, I do not like the idea of only making money through a 9 to 5 job.

The business model of trading your time for money now seems old fashioned. The world is changing, with technology and the internet coming on leaps and bounds over recent years. It has never been easier to get started making a business and creating an online income.

The methods I use are based around the idea of Passive Income.



Passive Income

The general idea of passive income, is that you put in the inital work upfront and then you are left with something that will continue to generate money for you. This means you are no longer getting paid only for the time you work, but for the quality of the content or product you create.

What are the main benefits of this?

It can give you Financial Freedom to do what you’ve always wanted. You are no longer stuck in one geographical location i.e working in an office in a particular city. Once you have implemented these techniques you can live a Laptop Lifestyle, where you can earn money online no matter where you are in the world.


Financial Freedom Online Money



Methods I Use

I have tried all kinds of things to try and make money online. Most if not all of them fail or return very little income for the time you put in to it.

The main techniques I have used successfully are:

  • eBay Dropshipping – no upfront cost, sell products only once they have sold.
  • Amazon FBA – send your product into Amazon and they will package and ship it for you.
  • Affiliate Marketing – make money from selling other peoples products.

ebay dropshipping online moneyAmazon FBA Product Research


Where to Start?

The best way i found to start making money online are:

  1. Read up on what the 3 main techniques are and the basics of how they work. There are specific in depth pages on this site about this.
  2. I started with eBay dropshipping, as it has no initial upfront cost and you can begin to see quick returns.
  3. Begin Affiliate Marketing, using Youtube videos to see the quickest results. Blog posts also work but often take longer to rank on Google before you see any money come in.
  4. I then saved the money earned from eBay sales and Affiliate Marketing to use as startup capital to start my Amazon FBA product.


What to do with the money you make?


I would highly recommend not to spend the initial money you make.

But why bother making money if you can’t spend it?

The best option is to reinvest the profit you have made, to build and scale up what you have already achieved. This allows you to make more money online.


affiliate marketing ebay Amazon FBA profit



eBay Dropshipping: you can pay for a monthly subscription to software which helps you list items much faster and in bulk. This then obviously allows you to sell more items at a faster rate, allowing you to increase how you make money online. There is more detailed information on this here.

Amazon FBA: you could use the profit you have made to buy larger inventory stock or launch a new private label product. This means you have more products available for sale, and will begin to generate even more income.

Affiliate Marketing: you could use the profit to pay for paid advertising to drive more traffic to your site. This will convert into more affiliate sales and/or Google Ad revenue from your website.


In my experience I found that putting the profit back into eBay dropshipping software and Amazon FBA returned the biggest reward.

You can scale this to whatever size you want. The value of money is different to everybody, some people may just want to make an extra $50 a month, others may want to make thousands. That’s the great thing about these options, they allow you to work and earn as much or as little as you want.

Once you are happy with the amount of profit you are making, then begin spending the money on whatever you like.

This is all just advice on what I found worked for me.

Ultimately, it is up to you how you spend the money, after all you made it!


General Advice

When you first start out, everything can seem a bit overwhelming.

The best advice I can give is start slowly!

There is absolutely no rush, there are millions of products and buyers out there. Take your time and do what you are comfortable with to begin.

Maybe start out listing 5 items on eBay.

Get used to the process and then you can scale it up and list 10, 20, 30 products etc.



Hopefuly you found this article and advice useful.

There are more detailed articles on these topics on this site to help you out.

The best thing I would say to you is start now!

I was sceptical and hesitant at first, it’s only natural. Once you start to make money online using these methods, you will wish you had started years ago!


Let me know how you get on in the comments below.

Good Luck!


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