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  • Owners: Greg Mercer
  • Product Pricing:
  1. Startup Web App $29/month (free trial available).
  2. Standard Web App $49/month.
  3. Business Web App $69/month.
  4. Chrome Extension LITE $97 one-off.
  5. Chrome Extension PRO $197 one-off.



Jungle Scout Review



Do you need help with Amazon FBA Product Research?

When it comes to finding a product there are various methods and tools you can use to collect data to find that home run product. The vast majority of sellers, myself included, believe Jungle Scout is the best option available to help you find a product to launch. The software is very user friendly and can saved hours of your valuable time.

In this Jungle Scout review I will give you my honest opinion on the software, having personally used it myself and successfully launching my first Amazon FBA product.


Amazon FBA

When it comes to eCommerce Amazon is clearly emerging as the leading platform to buy and sell goods. Between it’s vast catalog, user friendly interface and ability to save your card details to enable 1 Click buying, the website offers the perfect buying experience.

Amazon FBA Product Research

The Amazon FBA service, enables anyone to send their inventory into an Amazon warehouse where they will store yours goods and ship them to the buyer for a small cost (see Amazon FBA Pricing for general prices and Amazon FBA Calculator for specific items) once the item has purchased from the Amazon website.

There has never been an opportunity like this, whereby you can list your item and Amazon literally take care of everything else.

The great thing about this is the business model itself. You are not trading your time for money, you are able to make passive income.

You can scale this business very easily by using the profit generated by sales. Use the profit to buy larger inventory quantities or launch brand new product lines.

When I started Amazon FBA, I spent so much time trying to find a product myself at first with no luck.

After using Jungle Scout to do my Product Research and I can honestly say it made the whole process a lot quicker and easier with product research being the main thing that can make or break your business. If there is no demand for a product it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on advertising or marketing, it will simply not sell.


Chrome Extensions

Here we take a closer look at the two different Chrome Extension have to offer, with a visual comparison below.

Pro Lite Chrome Extension Amazon FBA


After spending a lot of time researching the differences between the two, I personally chose to use the Lite Chrome Extension. This was in part due to cost as I only had £1070 startup capital to launch my first product. Combining the Web App, Lite Extension and Amazon FBA Calculator you have all the tools you need to successfully research and launch a product.

The extensions primary function is to display product information such as price, number of review, rank, estimated revenue etc to help verify if a potential product is viable or not.


Here we can see a video of the extension in action.





The Web App

(Comes with a 14 day money back guarantee if you decide to opt out).

Honest Jungle Scout Review


I’ll keep this section brief because you can absolutely get by with using the Startup Package.

The infograph above show the more expensive Standard and Business Package offer the ability to track more products and have the Niche Hunter option. These options would be nice to have, although they really aren’t a requirement for you to find a product.

The main use of the Web App is to generate product ideas that you may be able to sell. The software scans the millions of items on Amazons website and displays them in an easy to read format. You can also filter the search results to your preference, such as weight to keep shipping costs down etc. This ultimately saves you time from manually going through the different Amazon departments in search of a dream product.

I personally used the Startup Package to keep costs down and found it to be more than adequate.


Here we can see the Web App in action.






Should you buy Jungle Scout?

Yes absolutely, I would highly recommend you to do so as it is a great tool. I am unsure I would have had the courage or capability to launch my first Amazon FBA product without it.

The time you will save using it is amazing compared to other methods. The added benefit is it can lead to you finding a perfect product before any competitors.

Jungle Scouts team continuously look for way to develop and update the software, ensuring it always offers an exceptional service.

A quick tip is that they quite often do live Webinars with Q&A sessions to really help educate everyone in the community. They have also completed The Million Dollar Case Study showing you the full process, from first finding your product, talking to suppliers, manufacturing, shipping and getting it launched successfully.


I hope you found this Jungle Scout Review useful and wish you the best of luck with your business!


Is Jungle Scout a Scam


Leave a comment below to let me know how you’re product research is going!


Good Luck!

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